Harmonizing with the Power of Nature

Harmonizing with the Power of Nature

We all have stress in our lives, some of it avoidable, much of it inevitable. Maintaining an inner sense of peace is essential to a harmonious and joyful lifestyle, and it can be difficult to prevent stress from throwing us off balance. Getting in tune with the natural world can help you relax, regain your center, and boost psychic abilities.

Try these easy ways to tune in and turn on to the power of nature:

Everyday Places: Begin getting in touch with nature through the everyday world all around you. Even in the heart of the big city, nature can still be appreciated if you seek it out. Does your daily routine take you past any trees, grass, or other plants? If so, enjoy it! Touch, smell, look, feel—take some time to appreciate the beauty and natural energies of the plants around you. Place your hands on the ground and let worries flow out. Let intuitive insights and rejuvenating power flow up from the earth and into your body, mind, and soul.

Enjoying the Animals: Animals are naturally attuned with the rhythms of the earth, and being compassionate to the furry and feathered friends in your world can do a lot to enrich your enjoyment of life and put stresses in perspective. Do you take time each day to really enjoy your pets? If you don't have any pets, consider volunteering at a local shelter, or offer to walk a neighbor's dog. In addition to being nice to domesticated animals, try befriending the wild animals, too. Share nuts, seeds, or fruit with the squirrels and birds—just do so in moderation so you won't interfere with their natural abilities to find food on their own.

These simple activities might already be a part of your everyday routine. If so, being more conscious of the benefits will enrich the experience. If you don't already make time in your life to tune in to the natural world, why not make 2012 the year to put your spirit in harmony with the earth and take your soul to new heights of a peaceful and compassionate existence in perfect balance with Nature's endless song?